LEM token holders are called Lemurians. They are people of all races and religions, anybody can join the LEM economy! 100% decentralized and community led, Lemuria is a real democracy with no government and no central bank.

Kingtoshi Lemuroto

Rumoured to be a descendant of Bitcoin developer Satoshi Nakamoto, our own Kingtoshi Lemuroto created the LEM protocol and renounced ownership of the contract (check here).

This means nobody can interact with the contract anymore and cheat Lemurians, no more LEM can be minted and no rug-pull is possible.

Like his ancestor, he decided to remain anonymous and is hiding somewhere in Lemuria’s mountain.

Some says he is the Lemurian ninja and lives in a secret den where he perfects the art of Safu.

The LEM Whale

Kingtoshi Lemoruto sent 55% of the initial supply to the dead address (check here).

This will forever be the biggest whale in LEM ecosystem and a whale that never dumps!

As the 2% is distributed to holders proportionate to their holdings, the Lem Whale grows exponentially, exerting hyper-deflationary pressure on the LEM economy.



The Blue Hole

A good economy needs liquidity that cannot be tampered with.

The 3% tax creates LEM/BNB pool of liquidity that is locked forever.

This provides an ever rising price floor, benefiting all Lemurians.

The Pit & Volcano

A 2% tax is distributed to all holders proportionate to their holdings.

All new Lemurians or exiting ones are required to offer LEM into the pit, after which the volcano immediately erupts and airdrops the offered coins to all Lemurians!


Paradise Beach & Town

Lemurians enjoy life. They automatically receive 2% of all transactions proportionate to their holdings, earning them money while they do nothing but relax.

They don’t need to trust others with their private keys nor pay gas fees, and have no risk of impermanent loss.

Their only task is to party loud and invite other to join this great tribe!
I like to shill it shill it, you like to shill it shill it, we like to… shill it!